Will Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement?

Will Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement? asphalt contractor austin Petroleum refineries process crude oil to transform it into other products, including asphalt base, gasoline, grease, diesel, and motor oil. For millions of years, all of the petroleum distillates coexisted happily within the crude oil. When molecules of distillates encounter each other, they try to recombine. If the distillates are oil and asphalt, this attempt can break down the asphalt binder, resulting in the deterioration of the pavement. Although asphalt sealcoating is an economical, highly effective method of protecting asphalt pavement, a seal coat product cannot repair oil stains.

Will Sealcoating Repair Oil Stains on My Pavement?

Why Is Sealcoat Incapable of Repairing Oil Stains?

Sealcoats are protective treatments rather than repair methods. They are not a substitute for crack sealing, milling, patching, or cleaning. At best, sealcoating can cover hairline cracks or other tiny surface flaws. Sealants are also an excellent way to bring back the dark black color that asphalt pavement has when it is new.

Will Sealcoat Hide Oil Stains on Asphalt Pavement?

Asphalt sealcoat must form a strong bond with the pavement if the sealant is to serve its purpose. The oil will prevent the formation of this bond. Even if you have cleaned the stain thoroughly, your Austin paving and seal coating contractor will likely need to apply a primer to the stain to make sure that the sealant bonds properly.

How Do Asphalt Contractors Handle Pavement Damage Caused by Oil Stains?

The extent of the damage will determine the appropriate repair method. One method involves the removal of a square or rectangle of asphalt that contains the damage. All affected layers of the pavement will require replacement. The contractor can then install new asphalt and compact it. This is called a patch. Another method is to install an asphalt overlay. An overlay involves applying a layer of asphalt on top of the pavement. Because the underlying damage pattern can transfer to the overlay, it is often necessary to patch or otherwise repair the damaged area before applying the overlay.

Can I Remove Oil Stains on My Asphalt Pavement Without Hiring a Contractor?

You or your employee can clean up oil spills if you prefer. However, a thorough cleaning will typically require quite a bit of scrubbing so that the process can be physically demanding. Furthermore, asphalt contractors have access to certain products that are more effective than what you will be able to buy at your local hardware store.

Oil stains are easier to remove if you catch them early. If you have been proactive about maintaining your sealcoat, you will have a bit more time to remove them before they damage your pavement. Depending on the size of your pavement and the number of stains that commonly occur, inspect your pavement every month or two to locate and remove the stains.

1. If the oil is pooled on the surface, mop up what you can with paper towels or rags. Be sure to dispose of these items appropriately.
2. Cover the stain with absorbent material. Non-clumping kitty litter works well for this purpose. Sawdust is another good option. Leave the material overnight, then sweep it up and clean the stain with a water hose.
3. Carefully assess the extent of the damage. If the damage extends into the pavement, call a professional for assistance. Otherwise, apply a degreasing agent that does not contain solvents or a paste of trisodium phosphate and water. If you are using a degreaser, follow the manufacturer’s directions; if you are using a trisodium phosphate paste, use a long brush to scrub it into the stain, then wait 30 minutes and rinse with water.
4. Repeat the above step if necessary. If you notice that you are dislodging particles of the pavement, stop and call a professional.

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