Asphalt Repair Tips for Spring Season

Asphalt Repair Tips for Spring Season, asphalt sealcoating austinAs winter wanes and the days get longer, your thoughts may be turning to the work that your exterior spaces need. You may be planning to call your landscaping contractor, solicit bids to repaint the trim on your building or ask a roofing company to inspect your roof and repair any damaged membranes. However, spring would also be an excellent time to contact two or three asphalt companies to provide you with quotes to repair and maintain your pavement. If you want your asphalt pavement to have a long, beautiful life, timely repairs and professional preventive maintenance are critical.

Asphalt Repair Tips for Spring Season

What Are the Priorities for Asphalt Pavement Repairs?

Priority #1: Repair breaks in the pavement.

Water poses the most danger to your asphalt pavement. When they build a new pavement, asphalt paving contractors construct a strong, stable, compacted foundation to provide support for the pavement and the traffic it will bear. If water reaches this foundation, it can erode it, robbing it of its ability to support the pavement. Without support, your pavement can quickly develop alligator cracks and birdbaths.

• Have your contractor repair potholes of any size. Even a small pothole can allow a substantial amount of water to filter through to the foundation.
• Have your contractor repair any significant cracks. As a rule, a significant crack is one that exceeds approximately a half of an inch in either depth or width. However, depending on the type and location of the cracks, your contractor may need to repair smaller cracks. Cracks will never heal themselves, but prompt crackfilling can help prevent them from worsening.

Priority #2: Have a professional clean your pavement.

Mud and trash can be unsightly, so you will probably want a thorough cleaning to maintain your curb appeal. However, puddles of gas, oil, or other petroleum-based automotive fluids can soften asphalt pavement, leading to its premature deterioration. Have a professional remove these stains to protect your pavement and prepare it for your next priority task.

Priority #3: Sealcoat your pavement.

The sun is another formidable enemy of asphalt pavements. The rays that the sun emits rob asphalt pavement of the moisture that it needs to remain flexible. The pavement becomes dry and brittle, making it easily damaged by traffic and more likely to develop cracks. A reputable contractor will not apply a sealant without first cleaning the pavement and securing any necessary repairs. Therefore, you may be able to find a sealcoating contractor who can handle these tasks.

Priority #4: Reapply pavement markings and parking lot stripes.

Whether you have pavement markings on a public thoroughfare or a private parking lot, they may have lost a great deal of visibility over the winter. If you plan to sealcoat your pavement, you should also plan to reapply your stripes and markings. The sealant will obscure existing markings, so see if your sealcoating contractor offers pavement marking and striping as one of their asphalt paving services. Some asphalt companies provide a package of services that include repairs, sealcoating, and striping, and it may be to your benefit to take advantage of such a package.

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