How Sealcoating Protects Asphalt Pavements | Austin, Texas

How Sealcoating Protects Asphalt Pavements | Austin, Texas

How Sealcoating Protects Asphalt Pavements | Austin, Texas Asphalt is a durable, economical choice for paving streets, parking lots, driveways, airport runways, and many other types of pavements. Like virtually every other human-made product, asphalt pavements will have longer, healthier lives with proactive maintenance. Most asphalt paving contractors advise sealcoating their new pavements within six to nine months and repeat the procedure every two years. Some people believe that sealants’ primary purpose is to enhance asphalt pavements, but emulsion is more valuable for pavement protection.

How Sealcoating Protects Asphalt Pavements | Austin, Texas

Why Is Sealcoating Austin TX Pavements Important?

Before continuing, it might be helpful to review the structure of your asphalt pavement. Asphalt companies begin constructing a pavement by grading and compacting the underlying soil, then constructing and compacting an aggregate base. The subgrade and base provide a stable, strong platform for installing and compacting the layers of asphalt that comprise your pavement. Anything that weakens or destabilizes this platform can cause the pavement to crack, develop potholes, or subside. Furthermore, asphalt pavement contains a binder that holds all the ingredients in the mix together. If you destroy the binder, the pavement will shed its aggregates and deteriorate.

How Do Sealcoat Protect Asphalt Pavements?

Suppose you ask experienced Austin paving contractors to list the enemies of asphalt pavement. They will probably rank water, UV rays, and petroleum-based automobile fluids very high on their lists. Oil, gas, and other petroleum-based liquids soften asphalt pavement, encouraging the formation of potholes. The UV rays from the sun steal moisture from the asphalt binder, turning pavement brittle and making it more likely to crack. Water that penetrates through cracks and potholes can reach the base, eroding it and making it unstable. Asphalt emulsion is a highly effective sunscreen; they retard automotive fluids’ and they help asphalt pavements retain their waterproofing.

How Much Damage Might My Asphalt Pavement Suffer Without Regular Sealcoating Applications?

Numerous studies indicate that unsealed pavements typically begin to need repairs within two years, while sealed pavements can go five or more years without requiring repairs. Unsealed pavements often need an asphalt overlay every seven or eight years, but sealed pavements can go up to 15 years before they need resurfacing. Also, when sealed pavements do need repairs, they are virtually always less extensive and more economical.

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