What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching? | Austin Asphalt Repair

What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching? | Austin Asphalt Repair

What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching? | Austin Asphalt Repair Asphalt pavements have evolved a great deal since the first blacktop roads began appearing in the United States. Much of this evolution involves developing improvements in the products and techniques for repairing and maintaining all types of asphalt pavements. New sealcoating formulas, flexible materials for sealing cracks, and other innovations have helped property owners prolong their pavements’ lives. However, sometimes, the best option is a slightly old-school repair method that contractors call full-depth patching.

What Is Full-Depth Asphalt Patching? | Austin Asphalt Repair

What Is Asphalt Patching?

Asphalt patching is a common repair method for potholes, alligatored asphalt, and many other types of pavement damage. Depending primarily on how far the patch extends into the pavement, paving contractors categorize them as skin patches, partial-depth patches, and full-depth patches.

How Do the Various Types of Asphalt Patches Differ?

A skin patch is a bit like applying an adhesive bandage over a minor cut. Skin patches are more suitable for minor damage that does not extend very far into the pavement. Typically, skin patches do not require the removal or milling of the existing pavement. Partial-depth patches involve the removal of the damaged pavement, typically by sawing it out, to the appropriate depth; this method does not expose the base. The contractor then installs new asphalt paving in the void. To perform a full-depth patch, the contractor removes the damaged pavement all the way down to the base layers so that he can repair or strengthen them. After completing the work on the foundation, he will install new asphalt in the void.

What Are the Advantages of Full-Depth Asphalt Patching?

There are several benefits that other patching methods do not offer. By removing all of the pavement above the base, the contractor can examine the foundation’s structural integrity that supports the pavement. If foundation problems exist, he can make the necessary repairs, including removing and replacing the base materials in that area. A full-depth patch can also provide an opportunity to strengthen both the foundation and the pavement. Furthermore, a full-depth patch is usually a permanent repair that can sometimes outlast the pavement around it.

Is Asphalt Resurfacing a Method of Patching a Pavement?

Any contractor who has been paving Austin Texas properties for more than a month or two knows that it is common for contractors to have different terms for procedures and techniques. They sometimes categorize them differently. Asphalt resurfacing, which is the installation of an overlay onto an existing pavement, is normally considered a paving operation.

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