Asphalt Repairs – Why Waiting Can Be Expensive

Asphalt Repairs — Why Waiting Can Be Expensive

Asphalt Repairs — Why Waiting Can Be Expensive The adage about taking a single stitch in time to prevent having to take additional stitches is a saying that you probably know by heart. The basic concept is that making a simple repair on time can prevent the need to make more extensive repairs later. For example, repairing one loose shingle can avoid an entire section of shingles from blowing off a roof, leaving the entire structure susceptible to water damage. The same principles apply when it comes to asphalt repairs.

Asphalt Repairs – Why Waiting Can Be Expensive

What Are Asphalt Repairs?

Asphalt pavement repairs include pavement crack sealing, pothole repairs, and asphalt patching. Depending on the situation, an asphalt overlay may also be a repair. Essentially, a repair is any procedure that is not routine or preventive maintenance. Maintenance procedures help prevent damage from occurring, while repairs are measures to address damage that has already happened.

Why Are Asphalt Repairs Important?

Asphalt pavements have many outstanding characteristics, but they are not capable of mending themselves. Instead, the damage will continue to spread. Neglected cracks will grow in all three dimensions, spawning new cracks, and encouraging potholes. Potholes will get larger and deeper, leading to additional cracks. Water enters through the pavement breaks, eroding the foundation and leading to alligator cracking. The cycle continues; more water enters, more damage occurs, and the entire pavement can become too damaged to repair. When that happens, the only choice is asphalt removal, foundation repairs, and pavement reconstruction.

Besides Increasing My Overall Asphalt Pavement Costs, Will Neglecting Repairs Cost Me in Other Ways?

If you neglect your parking lot repair, you could be losing money in a variety of ways. For example, you could experience a decline in revenue if people decide to take their business to a competitor with a safer, more attractive parking lot. You could face lawsuits if someone is injured due to your lack of repairs. Furthermore, if the damage means that your pavement does not comply with local and federal laws concerning accessibility, you could be fined.

When Should I Call a Contractor to Repair My Asphalt Pavement?

Reputable parking lot maintenance companies typically recommend that you inspect your pavement at least every six months. If you find any damage, you should call your contractor immediately. Your contractor can then evaluate your pavement to determine the type and timing of necessary repairs. It is important to remember that some repairs are most effective when your contractor performs them during warm weather, and some repairs are impossible during the winter months. However, you should leave the decision to an experienced, reputable asphalt contractor. Usually, if a permanent repair is impossible, a temporary solution may be the right choice so that the damage will not continue to expand.

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