Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs

Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs, HOA crack repair

Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs, HOA crack repairWhen developers plan a new subdivision, their plans must include the streets that lie within the subdivision’s boundaries. In most cases, developers pay paving companies for the initial construction of these streets. Still, developers may also be responsible for the costs of extending or widening an existing public street. Under Texas law, any street that is not available for the public to use without restrictions is a private road, so most streets within a gated community are not public streets. This means that the property owners or the homeowners association must pay to maintain or repair the community’s streets. Typically, the HOA is also responsible for the costs of repairing and maintaining the common areas, including parking lots, bike trails, and sidewalks. Regardless of whether the pavement is a neighborhood street or a common area, HOAs must prioritize asphalt crack repairs.

Why HOAs Should Prioritize Asphalt Crack Repairs

Why Is Crack Repair Important?

When an asphalt contractor installs a new pavement, it is aesthetically appealing, strong, and smooth. Over time, traffic, weather, and sunlight can inflict damage. One of the first signs of pavement damage is typically the development of cracks. At first, the cracks may seem unimportant, but neglected cracks will become deeper, wider, and longer. Water can infiltrate the pavement, and gravity will draw the water deeper into the pavement structure. Once the water reaches the base layers, it can erode and destabilize them, robbing the pavement of the support it needs. The pavement can develop depressions, potholes, and alligatored areas. Instead of an economical crack filling or crack sealing project, the HOA could be facing a costly pavement reconstruction. Depending on the damage’s extent, the HOA might use a pavement overlay to delay the reconstruction. Although overlays are less expensive than reconstructions, they are still more costly than routine crack repairs.

Why Are Asphalt Repair Costs Important to HOAs?

Legally, homeowner associations have a fiduciary duty to their members. This includes helping members protect their property values, utilizing the funds wisely obtained from fees and assessments, and protecting the association from potential liability issues. By neglecting asphalt crack repairs, an association could be guilty of breaching its fiduciary duty if a relatively new pavement must be rebuilt because the HOA did not secure a cost-effective repair or maintenance procedure. Unsightly or dangerous pavements can negatively impact property values, and potholes or other significant damage can pose potential liability issues. Ultimately, the HOA members who pay for asphalt patching or crack repair, preventive maintenance, overlays, and reconstructions, so it only makes sense for the association to choose the options that will provide the most value for the money spent.

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